What services do you offer?

Cleaning and drying of PVC sheets and marquee linings.

Why should I use your services?

Quality of cleaning – the combination of our machines and cleaning materials means that we are confident we will remove more dirt, stains and mould than any other option.

Efficient – our system takes a fraction of the time that hand cleaning requires so you will get your kit back working for you quicker.

Peace of mind – the knowledge that all your kit has been put away for the winter dry and in pristine condition and will come out ready for use in the spring.

Cost savings – for the quality of cleaning you won’t be able to match our prices.

Do you operate all year round?

We don’t operate in June and July but we are open for business for the rest of the year.

Do you clean off mould as well as dirt?

Our machine brushes can break down surface mould but ingrained mould within the PVC itself is generally impossible to remove.

Can you clean canvas?

Our machines cannot wash canvas so, like anyone, we’d have to do this by hand or with pressure washers.  Inevitably this is more time consuming so we have found it to be generally not financially viable.

What’s the biggest and smallest stuff you can put through your machines?

The machine itself is 6m wide, but anything wider than that needs to be folded and run through twice.  A total length of up to around 40m is possible depending on the thickness of the material.  We can clean small items as well, which we tend to do by hand.

Can you repair our kit as well?

Not currently but we are planning to start a full survey and repair service soon.

Do you dry the PVC as well as clean it?

Yes – all sheets that go through our machine pass through a heated element on the way out which removes the majority of the moisture – they’re then hand dried, and finally we either hang them up or ‘blow dry’ any damp keders or cloth edges.

Do you press linings?

No – we wash and spin dry them but we cannot guarantee that they will not have some creases.

How do I get my kit to you?

You can either drop off and collect your kit yourself or arrange for a courier to do so.

If possible we would request that your kit arrives on pallets.

How quickly can you turn my kit around?

We understand how this industry works so we’ll do whatever we can to meet your deadlines – if necessary we’ll do it while you wait although inevitably it wouldn’t get a very long soak in the tank.

How much does it cost?

As a guide, our standard charge for PVC is around 80p per square metre and 40p per square metre for lining.  This price may increase for particularly small items or larger / more intricate items that may need to go through the machine twice.

Our terms state that payment is made in full prior to collection.

Do you have insurance and if so what does it cover?

We’re comprehensively insured – if any of your equipment is either stolen or damaged at our premises we’re covered up to £50,000 worth of equipment, and if there’s any damage to our portable unit on your site we’re also fully covered for that.