Our machine is 6m / 20’ wide so can accommodate any sheet up to this width and around 40m in length.  Simply deliver your dirty pvc to our warehouse, let us know when you need it by, leave it with us to wash, we’ll contact you to confirm that it’s done and then you simply come back to collect it.

We guarantee that the PVC itself will be as clean as it can be – it is initially left to soak in water mixed with a specially formulated detergent to break down dirt and mould before it runs through the machine.  This removes all surface dirt / mould but cannot remove the more stubborn mould that seeps into the material itself.


Simply leave your dirty linings with us and we’ll run them all through our machines and return them dry. Please note that we don’t press linings and we cannot guarantee that all mould will be removed.

“Just a line to say thank you for the quick turn around of the large scrims we recently collected. Some of these had suffered from the normal post event mud bath but were returned in excellent condition, all neatly folded and labelled just as we had asked. Please convey my appreciation to all in your friendly production team” Imaginators Large Format Print & Branding

“In the past we used to clean our own covers and it was always a monumental effort, especially the space required and drying them after so we decided to use The Marquee Cleaning Company to clean them professionally and I have to say it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. They are always available on the phone and do a fantastic job of cleaning our covers never letting us down with completion times. We will definitely be taking our kit to them again this year for a good cleaning.” Coast2Coast Marquees